Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is unarguably the most objective means of identifying what people are capable of and how they are likely to behave at work. This is critical to enable the best hiring decisions.

We can help you identify the potential of prospective or existing employees.

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We make sure you hire the best talent!

Psychometric testing is the most reliable and valid mechanism to understand employee strengths and development areas beyond what can be observed in an interview of observed in performance. By using psychometrics employers are able to dive deep into uncovering why people behave as they do, what they are capable of and what their potential is.

Whereas psychometric assessment discovers what they eye cannot readily see, competency tests assesses observable behaviour through simulations. When the two types of assessment are used together, employers are able to gain the most valuable talent information.

Different ‘batteries’ of tests measure different things. From the most basic to the most advanced. Do you know the uses of psychometric testing beyond selection?

Psychometric testing services we offer:

Online assessment for safety and convenience – we just need a full job description, job grade and organogram.

A broad choice of local and international psychometric tools to cater for your specific needs.

The full spectrum of psychometric tests by assessing personality, motivation and integrity, as well as cognitive abilities to identify capabilities.

Leadership simulations and competency tests consisting of interactive in-baskets and role-plays that reflect our current hybrid work realities.

Assessment of all work categories, from sales and marketing, financial, IT, technical, operations to HR roles.

Assessment at all organizational levels, from entry level to executive management.

Benefits of using Competence SA

  • We provide integrated, customized reports, based on the job requirements
  • We suggest the best utilization of talent
  • Our feedback and reports are clear and to-the-point
  • Our turnaround time are better than the industry average
  • We can select tests from different service providers to best meet your unique needs and budget
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