Employee Development

Employee development is one of the key drivers of talent retention.

However, to have value it must be in line with actual need, but also comply with the highly regulated and complex training and development landscape in South Africa.

We can help you achieve both objectives: real value AND compliance.

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Employee development

Employee development is one of our national priorities for building capacity and equipping people with ‘breakthrough’ skills that can be acquired on-the-job and can translate in non-academic qualifications.

At the same time, to ensure that organizations remain competitive, they have to ensure that employees are constantly up-to-date with ever-changing, critical and scarce technology skills.

Are you sure that all employee levels are adequately developing to target?



Develop a training and development framework to match your actual needs – let us understand your unique business, talent management and BBBEE needs and help you put together the most appropriate Workplace Skills Plan.

Accredited Learnerships, e.g. from New Venture Creation (NQF 2) to Strategic Management (NQF 5).

Accredited short courses, e.g. Managing Personal Finance (NQF 1), Customer Service (NQF 4).

Non-accredited short courses (soft skills), e.g. problem-solving, assertiveness, influencing and communication.

Non-accredited short courses (functional), e.g. report writing, minute writing, negotiation, interviewing skills.

Soft skills coaching to help employee shortcomings in a practical, interactive way.

How you benefit

  • Consecutive, streamlined interventions from NQF levels 1 to 5 delivered by the same service provider.
  • The flexibility of either online or blended learning interventions.
  • Optimal BBBEE points.
  • The option of integration of psychometric and competency assessment with learning and development interventions.
  • High quality learning material developed and facilitated by highly experienced course developers and facilitators.
  • The flexibility of access to either our LMS or integration with your own.

Do you want the most beneficial training to address your actual needs?

Let’s help you.