Why Competence SA?

South Africa’s pre-democratic history resulted in the creation of one of the most unequal countries in the world, which not only exacerbated social-economic inequality, but also on inequality of employment competence. What is ‘competence’?

With an unemployment rate of 35.3%, the ability to correctly identify, develop and enable competence has become a national priority. Not only for economic re-balance, but also for purposes of development of individual and collective esteem, thus also as a social and cultural necessity.

To assist in achieving such re-balance, our specific aims are to help organizations identify, develop and retain 1) adequate or sufficient competence as a first point of departure, as well as 2) assess strengths and provide development and retention solutions to enable talent management beyond competence.

What We Do

To practically translate this background and our mission into action, we provide services and solutions to organizations in/through the following broad areas. By so doing, we contribute to achieving and promoting greatness throughout the employee life cycle, not only for business success, but also as a social investment:


We use reliable psychometric tests to help businesses identify the best new person for the job or for development.


We help you develop employee strengths and behavioral competence for ongoing learning.
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Performance management becomes alive when priorities are clear, achievements are celebrated and employees are engaged.
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Leadership development yields the best ROI when the unique styles and capabilities of your managers are identified per person.
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Who we are

We are a small group of handpicked psychologists/psychometrists and talent management experts, anchored by Riëtte Reid, founder of Competence SA.

Our business was started in 2002 and we have been fortunate to work with a number of highly esteemed blue chip, as well as start-up businesses since.

We feel strongly about our social responsibility, not only in making our time and expertise available to communities that are in dire need of employability skills, but also in conducting our business in an ethical way and focusing our attention on sharing and caring, rather than profit alone. We believe in the power of being positive and try to have a positive impact in everything we do.

The long and short of it – our mission is to help in making SA great.

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