Why We Do What We Do

Every business dreams of having a skilled, experienced workforce to outshine competitors and meet strategic goals. But finding, developing, and keeping the right talent can be tough and expensive.
That’s where Competence SA steps in. We help businesses enhance their talent management practices from start to finish – sourcing, selecting, training, performance management, and leadership. Our goal? Cost-effective, sustainable talent management that merges strategy with practicality.
At Competence SA, we’re not just about business; we’re about building a better future. We’re dedicated to creating a stronger economy, one employee at a time.
Join us in elevating your team and achieving unparalleled success.

What We Do

Talent Acquisition

Psychometric Testing

Employee Development

Leadership Development

Performance & Engagement

Why Work With Us

Proper Needs Analysis

Before providing solutions, we thoroughly analyze your needs, tailoring our approach to address your unique challenges and opportunities.

Jargon-free Communication

 Benefit from clear and straightforward communication that ensures a deep understanding of your needs and objectives.

Big Picture Understanding

 Partner with Competence SA for a team that understands the bigger picture, aligning talent management solutions with your overarching business goals, taking best practices into consideration.

Extensive Experience

 Leverage more than 21 years of valuable experience in serving our clients, gaining insights and expertise that set us apart in the industry.

Optimizing Existing Resources

We work with what you’ve got, minimizing waste and maximizing the potential of your existing resources for efficient and effective talent management.

Collaborate and Transfer Skills

Collaborate seamlessly with your in-house team as we aim for skills transfer, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and self-sufficiency.

Competence SA

The Complete Talent Solution: From Sourcing to Success

Who we are

We are a small group of handpicked psychologists/psychometrists and talent management experts, anchored by Riëtte Reid, founder of Competence SA.

Our business was started in 2002 and we have been fortunate to work with a number of highly esteemed blue chip, as well as start-up businesses since.

We feel strongly about our social responsibility, not only in making our time and expertise available to communities that are in dire need of employability skills, but also in conducting our business in an ethical way and focusing our attention on sharing and caring, rather than profit alone. We believe in the power of being positive and try to have a positive impact in everything we do.

The long and short of it – our mission is to help in making SA great.

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