Psychometric testing is a valuable tool in the recruitment process

Recruitment Best Practices, with a Focus on Psychometric Testing

Recruitment – the backbone of any organization’s talent management success – is not so easy to achieve. In South Africa’s dynamic landscape which is known for its diverse culture and business opportunities, the process of talent acquisition becomes even more critical. To thrive in this competitive environment, companies will need to adopt recruitment best practices.…

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the talent storm

Are you ready to ride the talent storm?

I have been noticing a significant increase in the number of talent management-related jobs in the market. In the last few months it seems that there is a torrent of roles being advertised on LinkedIn and Glassdoor for talent management practitioners from Head of/ and Senior Manager to Specialists. Globally and locally organizations seem to be taking the ‘war for…

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Psychometric testing

7 Essential Performance Management Shifts for Succeeding in the New Normal

The need for a performance management make-over has been long time coming. According to a 2015 report, only 12% of +-1400 organizations rated their performance management systems as very effective. Citing a Brandon Hall Group’s white paper, indicate that the number 1 barrier to effective performance was the lack of skill level of…

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leadership development

5 Steps for making leadership development work in your organization

Best of breed organizations know the importance of leadership development. Yet, most companies have severe difficulty in producing the type of leaders they need and making leadership development work successfully. Often the reason is a lack of a well-conceived, successive and logical meta-framework.We offer a solution, and 5 steps for leadership development. In my opinion,…

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