HR Tech advisory

Is the tremendous upswing in HR technologies beyond payroll and compensation making you nervous? Do you have software for tracking applicants, managing skill development and succession planning?

Let us assist you in making it work for optimal talent management.

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What is HR tech advisory?

With the advent of enhanced technology and AI, HR software platforms are a-plenty. Yet, there are very few software solutions that adequately deal with the all aspects of talent management. This calls out the need for carefully curated HR tech stacking options.


Identify your technology needs

We help you identify your technology needs given the nature of your business, what type of software will benefit your business the most and yield the best ROI and your available budget.

Source what you need or introduce you to our Tech partners

We search for, try out and evaluate hundreds of different software platforms to determine functionality, ease of use, price, and ability to integrate with other software, and whether it meets our own philosophy and approach to talent management.

Based on our research, we reach out and enter into partnerships with those HR technology providers that we deem appropriate for our clients and their needs, to meet the challenges of the talent landscape. This puts us in the position of being able to refer best-of-breed software solutions to our clients.

Help you implement your software for quick use

Whether you acquire software on your own or through our referral or, HR technology often needs to be customized and/or populated with information, which requires talent management expertise beyond technical competence. Here we come to your rescue.

Our recommended software for APPLICANT TRACKING

This is a powerful, yet easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System that helps you post jobs on multiple boards, manage applicant workflows with ease and keep applicants informed – all in one solution!

This internationally top-rated platform, with the AI to synchronize applicant social media accounts and produce best-fit candidates to your role specs, will ensure that your talent acquisition processes outperform your competition and boost your business performance.

As its South African affiliate, we will assist you in making the transition from cumbersome spreadsheets to the highly customizable Manatal system. Have a look now.

Let’s help you achieve optimal talent management practices and processes through stacking and implementing HR technologies that meets your needs and budget.

Let’s do it.