Performance and Engagement

Performance management is no longer a one-way approach filled with bias and loathed by employees. Instead it has become the entry point to enable a closer relationship between high performance and employee engagement in the interest of business and employees alike.

We can help you achieve the best possible performance with the most engaged employees.

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Employee engagement

It is a well-known fact that employee engagement is a key driver of talent retention.

Engaged employees are also likely to be more productive, more willing to go beyond the call of duty and more likely to have a ‘can do’ approach. Organizations that score high on employee engagement also tend to have lower safety incidences and higher customer satisfaction. What business wouldn’t like that to be their reality?

According to the SHRM, engaged employees are typically optimistic and inclined to go beyond the call of duty, whereas disengaged workers tend to be more pessimistic and negative. Absenteeism is also often a symptom of disengaged workers. As you can imagine, such disengagement can hurt a business in many ways. Read more about exactly what employee engagement is, what benefits it has and how to spot disengaged employees.

We can assist you to achieve the best level of employee engagement in the following ways:

Auditing your employee engagement practices to establish if your practices and systems enable optimal success. This can result in strategy development, including co-drafting of employee value proposition, review of benefits and identifying opportunities for growth and development.

Conducting employee engagement surveys to gauge the level of engagement experienced by employees and point out red flags.

Conducting ‘stay’ interviews to learn what your high potential/performers need to remain committed to your organization.

Conducting exit interviews to identify what problem areas exist in your Employee Value Proposition causing people to leave.

Let’s establish what your status is and look at ways of helping you raise your employee engagement ‘quotient’.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Performance management

Performance management and employee engagement go together hand-in-hand as means for retaining talent and scarce skills. Both activities involve quality conversations.

Organizations wanting to retain scarce talent in a highly competitive market need to ensure above average employee engagement, on the one hand, while also celebrating excellent performance achievements so that business objectives and shareholder expectations can be met.

In an agile work setting, formal annual performance reviews are not enough for prosperity, but neither is it for high performers who have choice of employer. The performance/engagement equation requires more regular interaction, feedback and recognition. Get more info here.

To help organizations achieve productive and effective performance management practices, we offer the following:

Auditing your performance management practices to establish if your practices and systems enable optimal success.

Training managers in performance discussion and coaching so that they are equipped to accurately and fairly evaluate performance, give regular feedback and coach employees in a way that leads to continuous development and engagement in a hybrid work model.

Wouldn’t you love to see your business being a high performance organization?

Considering software-driven options?

Competence SA offers HR Tech advice to enable the integration of performance management and employee engagement. 

Want to ensure you create a high performance/highly engaged workplace in highly challenging times ?

Let’s do it.