Our Competency Framework

It is best practice to have an organizational competency model or framework as the basis for recruitment and selection, performance management, training and development, as well as career development strategies.

We can help you develop your employees to their full potential.

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What is a competency framework?

Businesses need to know what those essential behaviors are that all employees should consistently display and strive towards, to ensure sustained organizational development. This is the purpose of a competency framework!

Organizations can create and measure their own for optimal customization. However, we find that most organizations pretty much seek the same generic, but essential behaviors.

It seems to us that most businesses want an organizational culture where employees are able to solve problems effectively, be successful in implementing decisions and  communicate successfully. In addition to these, they want their leaders to successfully utilize and develop the capabilities of their team members, to direct and inspire team members towards greater heights, but be equally successful in ensuring that team members perform adequately. Not so?

For this reason, Competence SA developed its own in-house behavioural framework – the CSA Competency Framework – to enable integrated talent management. We have been helping clients since 2002 select and develop staff using these core behaviours.

The CSA Behavioural Competency Framework is used in conjunction with different work contexts to ensure appropriateness at all organizational levels. Therefore, it comes with different interview guides to elicit competency-based answers during selection interviews that are relevant to a specific area of work.

It is also the framework we use when performing leadership assessments and most of our development interventions are also build around it. See how it relates to job architecture.

As such, it becomes one of the key drivers of talent management and organizational development.

Some of the competencies covered



Judgement and Decision-making



Planning and organizing




Relationship building


Developing capability

Team direction

Managing performance

Find out more about what the CSA Competency Behavioural Framework includes and how it can power your talent management.